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From its inception, Globalwide School of Real Estate has been driven by the ambition to be the best in the field. This commitment constantly motivates us to explore innovative ways to deliver the outstanding educational experience that our students associate with the Globalwide brand. Our unique approach to education emphasizes the importance of understanding the why and how behind the information presented and assimilated.


Our guiding principle is to convey knowledge in a manner that fosters deep neural connections with the material, reducing reliance on rote memorization. Consequently, we have pioneered a novel method that leverages the brain's cognitive capabilities to optimize the application of logic and common sense, enabling you to pass with flying colors. Experience an unparalleled learning journey with the best in the industry, and say goodbye to the frustrations often associated with mandatory real estate courses. We invite you to explore the testimonials of our past students who have benefited from our approach, and assess the results for yourself! It would be our privilege to assist you in fulfilling all your real estate educational requirements.

Taking the Key

Mission Statement:

To provide the most effective & methodical real estate education to facilitate your life and your road to success.



To be the #1 source for all your real estate educational needs.

Meet Your Instructors


Ricardo Valdes Jr. Licensed Real Estate Instructor

Hi, my name is Ricardo Valdes Jr. I'm a Licensed Real Estate Instructor, Broker, Trainer, Mentor, and Success Coaching Specialist for Globalwide School of Real Estate and Globalwide Realty. I'm 35 years old, born in Panama City, Panama, and moved to the United States when I was 10 years old. Graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, International Business, and Italian. Fluent in Spanish & English. I've been in Real Estate since 2015. The one thing that I know for certain now is that my passion is helping people succeed.

My specialty is facilitating the understanding of information. Over time, I've developed my own philosophy of teaching, coaching, and mentoring. The goal is to deliver the information in a way that the brain can grasp and comprehend with as much logic and common-sense as possible, while removing the memorization aspect out of the equation. Check out the reviews and testimonials so you can see what other students have to say about our teaching methods.


Angel Rivera Licensed Real Estate Instructor

Hi Im Angel Rivera Originally from Puerto Rico, moved to Ocala Fl to expand my profession as a Real Estate broker and Licensed Instructor. I have a bachelor's degree in Business Administration with Accounting providing me with valuable skills daily in real estate negotiations, educating homebuyers and sellers, and effectively marketing.

Prior to entering real estate, In 2011, before arriving in Florida, I gained experience as an administrative assistant with Accounting functions, Business Relationship, and Credit Administration Specialist at First Bank of San Juan, PR. Also got my broker's license from Puerto Rico.

My priority is to bring excellent customer service and commitment to work hard and listen.

Outside of real estate. As a Family man during my spare time, I enjoy being with my beautiful family. We love to spend time together and enjoy the people, cultures, travels, and many outdoor activities.

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