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How much does a real estate agent earn in Florida?

You've probably wondered about the earnings of a real estate agent in Florida, and understanding this aspect will help you focus on the areas required to become a well-paid real estate agent.

It's important to note that the salary for a real estate agent can vary based on several determining factors, such as the state of employment, experience, commissions, among others.

Florida is a remarkable state for practicing real estate, offering conditions that enhance your work and make your salary or income very attractive.

Salary Statistics in the United States:

While salaries in the United States vary and depend significantly on the state of employment, there are average values to estimate earnings for each profession.

Based on 60,000 reported salaries up to July 2022 in a survey by Indeed:

The average salary of a real estate agent in the United States ranges between $95,081 and $112,471 per year, with an average monthly income of $7,369.

It was reported that incomes are directly related to the commissions paid to the real estate agent at the end of the transaction, ranging between 1% and 10%, with an average of 5% to 6%. This commission percentage is agreed upon with the selling or leasing party before the deal is executed and is based on the home's selling price.

And in Florida?

As of December 27, 2023, the average salary for a real estate sales agent in Florida is $43,629 per year. The range generally falls between $42,621 and $55,495 annually.

As mentioned, salary ranges can vary depending on the city, education, differentials, experience, and certifications of the real estate agent.

Factors Influencing Real Estate Agent Salary:

The earnings of a real estate agent in Florida can vary due to multiple factors. From Globalwide School, we share some of them, allowing you to focus your goals in the real estate world:


Having more years of experience and a record of successful sales allows you to earn more than a beginner. Focus on gaining experience and establishing a significant network of contacts, as each sale adds to your expertise.


Commission is the primary income for a real estate agent, agreed upon with the company or directly with sellers to complete the sale. This value is typically around 5% of the property's selling price but can be negotiated to be higher with the seller, depending on the property's value or offered benefits.


Constantly upgrade your skills, including soft skills like assertive communication, closing deals, and public speaking. Globalwide School offers various topics for training, both in-person and through livestream.

How to Increase Your Salary:

In addition to these factors, other elements also determine how much a real estate agent in Florida can earn, and they proportionally impact income. The more you achieve or boost these factors, the higher your salary tends to be:

Sales Volume:

Selling more properties leads to higher income for a real estate agent.

Property Value:

The value of the property influences profitability. Selling a high-value property results in more significant income.


Building a network of contacts allows for new business opportunities. Engage consistently in social and educational events to expand your contacts.

Real Estate License:

Obtaining a real estate license in Florida is essential. To acquire it, you must fulfill requirements, complete training courses, and pass the Real Estate Agent exam. Globalwide School provides all the tools and modalities to meet these requirements and obtain your real estate license.

Contact us; we are ready to assist you.

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