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Spanish And English 63h Pre-License Courses

Globalwide School offers you the Spanish and English 63 hours Pre-license courses; today in our blog, we will te

ll you everything you must know to become a real Estate Sales Associate.

In the state of Florida, you can access to the real estate license through applying to the state exam. It is necessary you prepare yourself in the right way, due to the exam will test the knowledge you have to perform the work of a Real Estate Sales Associate.

This knowledge can be acquired through the Spanish and English 6h Pre-license courses at Globalwide School.

What are the Spanish and English 63h Pre-license courses

The Spanish and English 63h Pre-license courses are the courses which establish the standards for the Real Estate education in Florida.

Through this course at Globalwide School, you will learn in a practical way all the framework of the real estate law in Florida. This is a course which is updated annually.

The Spanish and English 63h Pre-license courses can be done either face-to-face or via livestream. On one hand, in the face-to-face way, you can attend to scheduled classes 3 days per week during 4 weeks.

On the other hand, you will also be able to do it via Livestream, you won’t lose contact with the teachers and you will have many facilities to establish a connection with the classroom.

The good news is that at Globalwide school, we offer the 63 hour Pre-license course as in English as in Spanish. Undoubtedly, this is a great advantage for the student and a big benefit for the Hispanic population who live in Ocala.

Benefits with the Spanish and English 63h Pre-license courses

Globalwide School offers you several options to study the Spanish and English 63h Pre-license courses. One of the options is the basic plan which include theory classes and additionally, you will have access to a package which include a questionnaire with key questions that will help you to prepare yourself better for the state exam.

Similarly, the Spanish and English 63h Pre-license courses offer you a package with the bank of questions and with an intensive 8-hour virtual sales training and training program. This is a way to study in an accelerated way.

Globalwide, a Real State School in Ocala

Globalwide School is an adequate place for taking the Spanish and English 63h Pre-license courses. Our purpose is to help you in your objective of becoming a real estate agent.

If you are in Florida, you will be able to study and train with us. We have all the experience as a Real Estate School at Globalwide.

The only way to work as a Real Estate Agent in Ocala is getting the license which allows you to do so and this only can be achieved through the necessary training.

If you are perseverant, you have clear goals, the objective of improving your quality of life, the desire of managing your own time and having better incomes, the Real Estate is a great option to achieve all of this.

We will be waiting for you to guide you since the start and preparation through our Spanish and English 63h Pre-license courses.

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