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What are the first steps to becoming a real estate agent?

If you aspire to be a real estate agent, enjoying a dynamic, flexible career full of possibilities, you must understand the initial steps that will lead you to success as a real estate agent in Florida. Globalwide School is the ideal place to achieve becoming a real estate agent, as we accompany you through those crucial first steps.

Understanding the Real Estate World:

Before taking the first step, it's essential to familiarize yourself with the real estate market. Define if this is your life project, stay informed about how it operates, and learn about some success stories. Research current trends, market demand, and growth opportunities in Florida. Understanding this landscape will prepare you to make informed decisions, including legal aspects. In Florida, the law establishes specific requirements to become a real estate agent; ensure you meet age, citizenship, and education criteria. Generally, you need to be at least 18 years old, a U.S. citizen or a resident, and complete an approved real estate course.

Education to Become a Real Estate Agent:

The second step is formal education, a key element since without proper training, passing the exam is challenging. Look for a real estate school in Florida offering accredited courses. At Globalwide School, we have many testimonials from students who have successfully passed the state exam. This training will provide you with essential knowledge of laws, ethical practices, and skills necessary to thrive in the industry.

Continuous Learning:

It's not just about studying to pass the state exam, which grants you the license; it's also about continuous education. There are courses covering a variety of topics, from contracts to real estate marketing, among others.

Taking the Exam:

The next step to becoming a real estate agent is, once you finish the course, to prepare your mind for the state exam. Dedicate time to review key concepts and practice with sample exams. Once you pass the exam, you are one step closer to obtaining your license.

License Application:

After successfully completing the course and passing the state exam, submit your application to obtain your real estate agent license in Florida. This process typically involves providing personal information, details about your education and background, and paying the relevant fees.

Affiliation with a Real Estate Agency:

Once you obtain your license to work as a real estate agent in Florida, affiliate with a real estate agency, as it is necessary to partner with one to practice. This affiliation will provide you access to resources, mentorship, and growth opportunities. At Globalwide School, we are ready to support you.


After obtaining your license and starting to work, don't stop there. We invite you to build your professional network, participate in industry events, and seek continuous development opportunities. Stay updated on market trends and find ways to enhance your skills.

Becoming a real estate agent in Florida is more than just a career; it's an entry into a world full of opportunities and exciting challenges. By taking these initial steps, you will begin the journey towards professional and personal success.

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